Welcome to Cabot Financial

Cabot Credit Management is a market leading acquirer and manager of consumer debt. Divided into four specialist businesses, Cabot Financial, Cabot Financial Ireland, Apex Credit Management and Marlin Financial Group, it covers debt purchase, contingency collections, and customer tracing.

The combined Cabot Credit Management group has purchased assets of £11.9 billion, manages over £1.5 billion of assets on behalf of clients, collects over £29m per month on portfolios it owns and on behalf of clients, and has a 16 year unbroken track record of steady growth.

The combined Cabot Credit Management group employs approximately 1000 people with offices in Kings Hill, Stratford-upon-Avon, Dublin, Worthing and London. The company prides itself on its ethical values and high standards. It has an impressive list of accolades and this year was ranked number one in the established OC&C industry survey out of 68 strong contenders.

The controlling shareholder of Cabot Credit Management is Encore Capital Group, an international speciality finance company providing debt recovery solutions for consumers and property owners across a broad range of assets.


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